Tulpit Fong
Short, even by halfling standards, Tulpit stands a mere 2ft tall, or short, yes, tall would not be the word to use there. When you see, or rather if you happen to see, Tulpit you would not be the first to mistake him for a human toddler dressed to play as if they were a hero. This is of course until you realize that this toddler actually has very good motor skills and rather than playing is hiding in the shadow of a voluptuous human as he sneaks around town admiring her.

Clothed in simple loose black cloth, a black head over, black gloves, black shoes etc etc. The only thing you really see of Tulpit himself are his eyes, but that is often enough. Being the charismatic and excitable fellow he is if one were to only look into his eyes and listen to his voice they will most likely be able to figure out exactly what he is up to.