The first thing one notices about Morien is not his features, but the uncomfortable aura of cold that lingers about him.

 At a distance, Morien is a handsome fellow with platinum blonde hair and steely Blue/grey eyes. His eyes are neither fully blue nor fully grey, and tend to shift in color based on his mood and the ammount of light.

 He stands a little over six feet tall and entirely encased in blue armor. His skin is somewhat pale, though his features are weather beaten and rugged from exposure to the elements.

 Morien is a relatively distant fellow but, despite that, is easily liked as he has no qualms about helping others and usually asks for little in return.

 Though he does not volunteer the information, if asked, he will tell you that he has lost his memory and is searching for a destiny he can only see in the few fragmented memories he does have.

 ... recently, there have been many people showing up claiming to be Morien. Most of these are ragged peasants, but it has tarnished his reputation.