William de Soulis

William is a bit of a odd ball who tries to dress as nicely as he can considering the life on the road. He is a large man standing 6'9" without shoes and is well proportioned for his size to fill a door frame. He keeps himself in fairly good shape and has a unique farmers tan from spending so many hours going area to area in search of business. His hair is a sandy brown and his eyes are a deeper color still. He is always around some writing, book, or codex that he is currently lugging around and tends to offer up spell casting services at the least price he can offer.

Though a down to earth person he tends smile and joke a lot when he is uncomfortable, or fiddles with one of his many many trinkets he tends to. The giant of the library he was called for so long, he casts a large shadow.

Theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BavjxskPZVs&feature=relmfu