Aden Bero
Aden Bero is a human in his early 20s, undeniably striking in appearance.  6'1" and lean, there is a sharpness to his handsome features, which have traces of lineage originating outside Arcadia.  His auburn blonde hair is wavy, and either falls to his shoulders or to his chin when put in numerous small braids for his performances.  When he juggles fire for coin, his hair radiates in the glow.  His eyes, however, are the most exotic feature of this rogue performer, gentle violet with strands of amber and reddish gold flecks.  By firelight, they are nothing near gentle, burning with an eerie glow that resembles crackling molten fire, inspiring confident awe in some, and captivated discomfort in others.

To those who know Aden for a short time: He's often a loud mouth smart aleck, and can have a bit of a temper sprinkled with rash behavior.  And sometimes he mumbles in strange languages, as though talking to people that aren't there, or looks over his shoulder or at things no one else seems to see.

On the other hand, he's very loyal, intelligent, capable, and handsome.  Quick and strong, he's a performing juggler and decent acrobat by trade, and as flashy as he can get away with.  His weapons suggest he focuses on ranged, mobile combat.