Kazumi Matokai
Standing 5'6", Kazumi is at once both a beautiful and imposing sight. Her armor is lamellar leather, intricately worked by master artisans. While her breast and backplate are solid pieces, each of the main pieces of her armor (arm, shoulder, leg and shin guards) are layered and laced expertly, giving only the slightest creak of leather on leather when she moves and each a work of art in their own regard.

Her chest piece is form-fitted, allowing some room to grow but not much, as she is effectively done. Centered on the stomach is her family crest, while directly above it, over her chest is a katana over a stylized sun, flanked by a pair of carp. The katana and sun symbol is the symbol of her deity, while the carp are her deity's symbolic animal.

Her shoulder guards bear a gold dragon each, wrought in such a way as to appear to move when she is wielding her weapons. Each forearm guard bears a gold-plated carp with kanji characters denoting honor and virtue engraved into the leather around them.

The lower plates attached to her armor are engraved with alternating dragons and carp across each layer of leather, and her thigh guards are a checkered blue and gold. Each shin guard bears a gold-plated dragon, with the same kanji as her forearm guards.

Under the armor is a midnight blue robe and jet black pants, the top embroidered with cherry blossoms and carp while the pants have cherry blossoms and dragons. All embroidery is done in white.

The woman herself has a classic, angled, Asian beauty to her, though her complexion is covered by a thin layer of white makeup lipstick and eyeshadow of the same shade as her robe. Her hair is platinum white, drawn severely back in a warrior's bun with two small rods thrust through it. Each rod has a small ball bell on a chain, and they jingle softly when she moves. She carries herself with a dancer's grace and a warrior's certainty, a fact backed up by the katana and wakizashi carried at her side.

Kazumi's katana is a work of art on its own, with an intricate set of beautiful kanji down the side of the blade and golden end-caps on the sheath, one of a dragon breathing lightning and the other of a carp wrapped around the hilt. Both dragon and carp have jade jewels for eyes that glint when the sunlight hits them properly.