Ylea Serkan
Ylea is the daughter of an elven priestess of Calistria and an elven adventurer of whom she only knows that he was opposed to slavery, and that he disappeared many years ago. Growing up, Ylea never really felt the lack of her father as a great loss, at most being midly curious about the kind of person he might have been; however, when her younger friend Dahlia started a search for her own missing father, Ylea decided to tag along, citing her own interest in learning about her father as a reason.

Hoever, the truth of the matter is that Ylea, having grown bored of her life in the temple, is actually trying to find new ways to make her life exciting, and thought that having an adventure alongside her friend/sort-of little sister could be a way to do this. This is not a new thing for Ylea, either - she's always been bored with her people's usually isolated way of life, and is constantly looking for new way to feel a thrill of danger and excitement to fill her life with.

This inborn restlessness was always a key component of Ylea's personality even since she was very young, and she's acted it out in the many of the choices she's made through her life. One classic example of this is how the elvish girl forsook the ways of magic that were the inheritance of her forefathers, instead chasing after guardsmen and seedy individuals alike to be taught by them the secrets of wielding weapons and dispensing death, be it from close-up or afar, but always with grace and style.

In fact, her mingling with the darkest areas of life often saw Ylea meeting with and befriending people on the wrong side of the law, and learning from them of many a illegal pursuit, which she then proceeded to make into practice - not with malice, but rather as another amusing way to seek dangers and make her life as exciting as it can possibly be.

Desite her love for danger though, Ylea is a caring person to those who are dear to her - which is one further reason she joined Dahlia's expeditions; while ylea never flt any fault in putting herself into dangers, nor did she ever headed calls from others to keep herself out of it, she woul not be happy with letting a girl she saw as her little sister do the same. However, she did nt let her worry make an hyprocrite out of her - s, instead of trying to stopp Dahlia, she joined her to help, stating that her own experience in the most shadowy areas of Absalm would come in handy in her friend's quest.