Tarrian Dagnar's daughter, of the Stormrider Tribe
6'0", 165 lbs, Red haired, Green Eyed,  24 years of age,

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Tarrian was born in the north, on the Pagan Plains.  Into the Stormrider Tribe.  When she was sixteen, she killed the tribe's Chieftains, oldest son.  When he attempted to rape her late one night.  For which she was unjustly exiled.
Her wanderings took her eastward to the City-State of Kaad.  Where she joined a mercenary company called Rolnor's Raiders.  To which she belong to for a half dozen years.  Through a series of events.  Tarrian found herself in the Port of Blacksands.  An from there, via ship, she traveled south to the great seaport of Kallamehr.  The Jewel of all of Allansia.