Widget Whatsits
Name: Widget Whatsits
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Specie: Unicorn Pony
Cutie Mark: A series of silver clockwork gears.
Special Talent: Developing clockwork and mechanical wonders powered by magic or by inertia to make life for ponies easier.
Occupation: Inventor/Mechanical Repair

Appearance: Taller than most, of an average build and long agile legs, his coat is a very light shade of powder blue, almost white, his mane and tail a soft rust red and blue offsetting each other. His eyes are bright blue, and seems to lack any dark iris, though they are somewhat hidden behind square black rimmed glasses. The most startling thing about Widget is the mechanical set of wings that are mounted on his back, which he is almost never without.

Personality: Quirky and cheery, though he can be very shy (around girls especially). His workshop is always open to anyone curious or interested in his work, and he spends a lot of time in the Ponyville library doing research on spells new and old to apply to his mechanical wonders, and is (unfortunately) close with both the fire department and the hospital staff because of certain mishaps that occur during the invention process.

History: Like many unicorns, Widget was born in Canterlot. The only child of his parents, his father was a city guard, and his mother was an inventor. Spending most of the time out of school with his mother because of his father's busy work schedule, he began to assist her in invention and tinkering as a little colt, as soon as he was old enough to fetch tools.

The year he graduated from his final grade, his mother was involved in a terrible accident, an explosion while creating what would be her greatest creation - a personal teleportation device powered by stored unicorn magic 'batteries'. She remained in the hospital for over a year, before she at last died of her injuries. His father had fallen into a deep depression, and disappeared from Canterlot all together. With nothing but bad memories in Canterlot, Widget buried his mother, and left to find a small, quiet town where he could study in peace. Ponyville became that small town.

He has been in Ponyville for a few years now, and has invented a pair of mechanical wings, powered by his own magic, to allow him the experience of flight. Unfortunately, they are anything but reliable, often breaking in flight. It also requires an intense concentration and stream of magical energy to keep the wings functioning properly.

Other: Widget tends to make up words, and sometimes talks to himself in the presence of other ponies.

Body: 1
Mind: 4
Skill: 3
Wit: 1
Cutie Mark Bonus: Inventing