Xing Ming
Name: Xing Ming (Shining Star)
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Specie: Unicorn Pony
Cutie Mark: A multicolored star.
Special Talent: Astronomy; Magic associated with the stars and other heavenly bodies.
Occupation: Astronomer

Appearance: Small but with long legs, Xing has a purple coat with tiny white freckles under her deep blue eyes, and teal mane and tail, which she always has up in traditional Chinese style using peach pink bao and ribbons.

Personality: Shy around new ponies, she does warm up quickly when others talk to her, especially if they are kind to her. She spends a lot of her time in the day asleep, so she can stay awake longer at night and study the sky and all it has to show us.

History: As a Chineighs pony, Xing Ming was born in the country that boarders Equestria named Chineigh, and brought to Equestria with her diplomat mother after the mysterious disappearance of her father, a researcher who was studying the link between astronomy and magic. Her mother, Mei Ling, or Lovely Bell, is extremely busy, and cannot spare the time to bring Xing with her everywhere she goes, so she had brought the filly to Canterlot, where she attended the Unicorn academy under the care of a foster family. Xing fell in love with Equestrian society, and decided she wanted to stay there forever.

Several years later, when Princess Luna returned to the throne, Mei Ling was able to gather an audience with the newly returned Princess, who agreed to see her and her daughter. Princess Luna was so impressed with Xing's knowledge of ancient star charts and constellations, that she has taken her on as an apprentice to 'fix' the stars that she is behind in fixing. A thousand years of banishment gets a lot of things out of whack!

Other: Her native language is Chineighs, and even though she has lived in Equestria for some time, she sometimes has trouble speaking proper Equestrian when excited or nervous.

Body: 1
Mind: 3
Skill: 3
Wit: 2
Cutie Mark Bonus: Astronomy