Fillies and Gentlecolts!
Put your hooves together for the most
magical unicorn in all of Equestria!
The One, The Only!


~-~-~-~-~-~-~Vital Stats~-~-~-~-~-~-~
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Profession: Performance Artist (Status: Struggling)
Cutie Mark: A five-point star wand and starlight crescent
Special Talent: Showmareship and Deception

Lithely built on a slight and elegant frame, Trixie is a bit small for her age, but makes up for it with personality and bravado. With a coat a shade darker than sky blue, without a single blemish save her cutie mark, Trixie has a well-kept appearance. She's always nicely brushed down, clean, and looks after herself well. Her mane and tail are a pale white-bluish blend of hues, short and simple, but stunning compared with her coat and costuming. Her eyes, sultry and with naturally appealing lashes, are highly expressive, though she nearly never betrays something she doesn't wish to display through them. Her irises are dark lavender, and she is almost always seen wearing a royal purple cape dotted with stars, and often, a matching, pointed hat that covers her horn.

The Great and Powerful Trixie strives always to be the center of everyponies attention. She loves the spotlight almost as much as she loves herself, and demanding the attention of other ponies comes innately to her. Trixie prefers to speak in the third person, with a poised inflection and highborn posture the result of long practice.  It demands effort for her to maintain her appearances and attitude, though - she lives with an ever-present facade of classy superiority, nose turned up at those lesser than she.

Trixie has faced few experiences that have deeply motivated her or humbled her, and it's not an easy feat to achieve either. Beneath her noble, self-absorbed shell is a practically-minded, if lazy filly, who wishes she could be more than she is, but is satisfied being adored. Her greatest regret is the event in Ponyville, and she has developed an obsession with getting her revenge upon Twilight Sparkle, should the circumstances arise.

Trixie was an attention seeker from the time she was just a little foal. She was known from youth to have a rather potent inborn capacity for magic, but the actual study of magic taxed her short attention span and as a result, she never did attain her full potential in her youth. She did get her Cutie Mark early in her school years, however, and proved herself crafty and clever at avoiding responsibility and consequences of her actions.

As an adolescent, Trixie began to teach herself magic tricks - she didn't want to learn anything difficult, but she decided that she would become the most famous and powerful equine who ever lived - not in fact, but in myth. She managed to swallow a bit of the effort, but it seemed such a waste. She was too smart for this basic stuff, but anything more was too much work for her.

Once she hit the road, though, Trixie found that she had more than enough to spellbind the population of Equestria with tall tales of her feats and impressive displays. She spent years traveling and building a name, and raking in bits. All of that changed, however, with a fateful visit to a little town on the edge of Equestria known as Ponyville.

A couple of bumbling fanboy foals took her stories a little too seriously, and when they couldn't get her to show them the magic that defeated an Ursa Major, then went into the Everfree to find one to lure back to the town. It turned out to be merely an Ursa Minor, but Trixie couldn't even phase the lesser of the creatures with her power. Managing only to enrage it, she fled, and part of the town (and her wagon) was destroyed in its rampage. A local mare, Twilight Sparkle, revealed extremely potent magic to resolve the issue safely.

Trixie's pride was crippled. That mare became the instant focus of her anger and bitterness, envy, and jealousy. So powerful, and so humble as well. It infuriated Trixie, who was forced to flee Ponyville with nothing, before she was overcome by the upset of her downfall.

Without her supplies, and her merchandise, Trixie was left nearly bitless and making her way across Equestria on savings and what she could salvage. Even so, she lacked the resources to replace all she had lost, and without her supplies, her shows were not the spectacles she once performed. Shamed, she's sworn to confront the pony responsible for her plight, and to rise again.
~-~-~-~-~-~-~Horseshoes Stats~-~-~-~-~-~-~
Body: 1
Mind: 2
Skill: 3
Wits: 3

Cutie Mark Bonus: Showmareship and Deception +3