Autumn Winds
Name- Autumn Winds
Species- Bat Pegasus
Occupation- Lunar Guard
Cutie Mark- Two spears crossed in front of a shield

Appearance- Autumn has a light grey coat, with a blue mane and tail. Although with his armor it's tough to see just what color his mane is as the helmet covers it all.

Personality- Autumn is a very no nonsense kind of pony, taking his duties as a Royal Guard very seriously. He is strict and unquestioningly loyal.

History- Autumn grew up always knowing what he would be, a guard in the illustrious Night Princess's Royal Guards. There were, after all, few choices to one of his kind and even if there were tons of choices he would still pick the Guard. It was the dream of every Bat Pegasus to serve in the Guard, there was no higher honor. He has served in the Guard for a little over two years now and couldn't be happier. His loyalty to the Night Princess is absolute and he would gladly sacrifice everything if it meant her safety.

WIT: 1