Silver Bolt
Name: Silver Bolt
Age: Adult
Gender: Stallion
Specie: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: A strung recurve bow nocked with a red fletched arrow.
Special Talent: Outdoorsy Skills
Occupation: Guide and Woodspony

Appearance: Silver bolt is a green-coated, white-maned and tailed unicorn.  His medium-length mane is styled with a center part to allow for his horn.  His eyes are a light brown color.  In terms of build and frame, he is not as tall or bulky as other stallions, but his muscle tone easily sets him apart from mares.

Personality: Silver Bolt is accustomed to being self-dependent, and as such tends to not be the one to take the initiative in making new friends.  Once somepony breaks the ice however, he is a warm and welcoming friend.  More often than not, he is willing to lend a helping hoof, especially when his special talent is involved.  When focusing on a specific task or project related to the Outdoors, he sometimes devotes so much of his attention to his pursuits that less time is left for his other relationships.

History: Silver Bolt grew up in the region of Trottingham, specifically in a small town situated on the edge of Sherhoof Forest called Trotsley.  He went to school just like other foals and he studied magic just like other unicorns, but he was always enamored by the stories of the forest, both true and fantasy.  These stories would one day lead him on an adventure and would ultimately prove to be the source of his cutie mark.  He then spent the bulk of his adolescent years exploring the forest, and the meaning of his talent, developing skills in tracking, foraging, survival, archery, trapping and hunting (monsters, not critters), appropriate spells and other skills related to the outdoors, all while looking out for his younger brother, Pipsqueak.

Once he came of age, Silver Bolt set about using his talent as a source of income.  He began offering his services as a guide in exchange for bits.  Nopony knew Sherhoof Forest like he did, and many ponies needed to travel through forest for one reason or the other.  Many were willing to pay and avoid the more preventable dangers of the wild.  Life was simple; not much happened, but that seemed to be ok.  Or, at least at first it did.

After a couple years, Silver Bolt came to realize that he wasn't as happy as he once was.  Something was wrong.  After much reflection, he came to realize that he had fallen into a pattern of the same-old routine.  The same clients bought his services, and he took them to the same parts of the same forest, time and time again.  He needed to feel excited about his talent again.  He needed a new place to explore.  He needed a change of scenery.  An article in an outdoor magazine he subscribed to had described one of the last mostly unexplored regions in Equestria, a place where ponies seldom ventured into the deepest parts of the woods, not knowing what they could expect to find.  A place called the "Everfree Forest."

He decided he had to give in to his wanderlust.  He had already saved a sizable share of bits, so he packed his belongings into a wagon, bid a reluctant farewell to his friends and family, and left in search of his own fortune.  His destination was the town closest to the edge of the Everfree:  Ponyville.

Other: Silver Bolt brought the various tools of his trade, and a sizable share of bits, with him in hopes of establishing a business in his new hometown.


Body: 2
Mind: 3
Skill: 3
Wit: 1

CM Bonus: Outdoorsy Skills, +3