Doctor Whooves
Name: The Doctor
Age: 900+ Years Old (Adult)
Gender: Male
Specie: Time Lord (appears as an Earth Pony)
Cutie Mark: A golden hourglass filled with golden sand.
Special Talent:  All things related to Time and Space:  Temporal mechanics, dimensional travel, the history of the universe, and other things generally considered “Wibbly Wobbly” and “Timey Wimey.”
Occupation:  The Last Time Lord:  Time Traveler, Explorer, “The Oncoming Storm”, a lonely wanderer, a mad pony with a box, and the defender of countless civilizations across the multiverse.

Appearance:  The Doctor has had many appearances throughout his 900 years due to his ability to regenerate, but he currently appears as a chestnut brown earth pony stallion of medium build and stature.  His spiky mane is a much darker brown, and sweeps back out of his sapphire blue eyes.  He often wears a white shirt-style collar and simple necktie of varying color.

Personality:  You will find the Doctor almost always bubbly and talkative.  His endlessly energetic and adventurous tendencies often bubble over to those around him, especially his companions.  In reality though, this is all a façade, a veneer of optimism designed to hide the lonely, jaded wanderer who is constantly running into the future, and hiding from his past.  Try as he may to avoid it, in times of great stress or dire situations, the Doctor’s true nature often emerges.

History:  Born and raised a Time Lord of the planet Gallopfrey, once he came of age the Doctor found himself caught in the last great Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks.  Doing what he knew he had to do to spare the lives of countless civilizations, he erased both civilizations from the face of time itself, leaving himself as the sole survivor.  Since that day he has borne the burden of that decision, wandering through the farthest reaches of time and space in a stolen time machine known as the TARDIS.  For over 900 years he has traveled, taking on and losing innumerable companions, making great friends and even greater enemies along the way.

About one year ago, (relative time) the Doctor came to visit the nation of Equestria in the “modern era.”  He came to meet an adventurous and altogether unique mare by the name of Derpy Hooves.  The Doctor quickly made her his latest traveling companion and shared in many journeys and adventures until on one such adventure involving alternate realities, a race of cybernetically enhanced ponies, and the fate of Equestria-as-we-know-it, a tragedy struck.  The worlds in question were saved, but the TARDIS was damaged in the process, leaving him stranded in the small rural town of Ponyville in the current timeline.

He started out spending most of his time trying to find a way to repair his time machine so he could resume his wandering, but more and more he is starting to see himself as a resident of Ponyville rather than just a lonely, wandering, mad pony with a box:  The Last Foal of Gallopfrey…

Other:  The Doctor possesses a level of technology not yet seen by ponykind in this timeline, evidenced by the most commonly used of his gadgets.  The most notable of these are:

The TARDIS:  Actually a living being in and of itself, the TARDIS serves as the Doctor’s home, sanctuary, and mode of conveyance on his journey through the stars.  The exterior appears to be a blue police box, roughly five foot by five foot square, but the interior is unfathomably larger and boasts all the expected luxuries of a Time Lord’s castle, even a swimming pool.

The Sonic Screwdriver:  A general-purpose utility tool useful for all sorts of handy things, the Sonic Screwdriver is linked directly to the TARDIS.  It can open and close locks (unless they’re deadlock sealed or made of wood), interface with technology of almost any origin, conduct medical scans, track energy signatures, and a great deal more.

Psychic Paper:  An artifact that uses psychic projection to display whatever the reader or bearer wants it to display.  To one observer it could be a set of credentials allowing access to a sensitive area, while to another It could be a coupon for free muffins.


Horseshoe Stats:

Body -- 1  (The Doctor relies far more on his brains than his brawn.)
Mind -- 3  (The Doctor is a very strong-willed individual, and a walking library of historical and technical data.)
Skill -- 2  (A Time Lord’s life of adventure requires a certain amount of adaptability and technical know-how.)
Wit -- 3  (The Doctor is quick-witted and knows how to command a great deal of respect.)
Cutie Mark Bonus -- +3 (Time and Space related history and phenomena.)