Character name: Beamer
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Species: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: Three interlocking gears making up the nucleus of an atom
Special Abilities: Very technical minded. If you have a problem Beamer will build you a way out of it.
Occupation: Self-employed inventor, repair guy, and mad-scientist. Occasionally takes up odd jobs to make ends meet.

Appearance: An average earth pony in just about every way. Beamer has an olive drab coat with blue and black mane and tail. He's never without a saddle bag full of tools and other useful items.

Personality: Self proclaimed "Master of the Mechanical Stuff" Beamer would probably make a great evil-scientist villain if it weren't for the fact that ruling the world would involve too much paper work. It's quite obvious that he lives mostly up in his own head and see's the world quite differently than everypony else. Out-going, friendly, and excitable about anything science and engineering related.

History: Son of a couple of earth pony surveyors and cartographers Beamer traveled around quite a bit as a foal. As a result he's never had any formal schooling and learned to make friends fast. Beamer learned the basics of math from helping his parents with their work, and some basic mechanics from helping them maintain their equipment. This ignited the spark of interest in the engineering and sciences in the green-haired earth pony as he took to tinkering around while his parents were out, inventing and fixing tools to make their job easier.

Then the incident happened. Nopony is quite sure what happened to Beamer when he got lost while accompanying his parents on one of their trips. All they know is when he got back to civilization that spark had now become a barely controllable blaze, and Beamer's new inventions became slightly more dangerous.

Other: Beamer has a problem. He thinks he can do anything and doesn't really think a problem all the way through before just jumping right into it. This often results in his inventions backfiring because he doesn't know entirely what he is doing while also giving the appearance that he doesn't care about the danger to other ponies.

Beamer is constantly on the look-out for Ponies to be his guinea pi- I mean "assistants." He never uses force but is not above using trickery to get them to sign on.