Berry Punch

Name: Berry Punch (aka Pinot Noir)
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Specie: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: A purple grape bunch and a strawberry
Special Talent: Grapes and Wine
Occupation: Vintner and Mother

Appearance: Of average height for an earth pony mare, Berry Punch has a purple coat, mane, and eyes with a healthy, attractive figure, especially for a mare her age.  While she is not as pretty as, say, Rarity, she has a definite charm all her own, and looks years younger than she is.  Her mane and tail are kept at a medium length and are generally straight with just a touch of curl to them.  Her coat is a lighter shade of violet than her eyes, and her mane and tail have a hint of red in them.

Personality: Also known as Pinot Noir, Berry Punch is a mare with a hint of class that can fit in to most crowds with ease.  Just as at home in Ponyville as in Canterlot, the seasoned vintner can easily hobnob with the high class without making a faux pas while fitting in with a Pinkie Pie Party and having loads of fun.  She has even been known to drink directly from the punch bowl on occasion when she really wants to cut loose.  Most of the time, however, she is simply a friendly, amicable pony who enjoys talking with others.  Berry Punch enjoys participating in things like the Sisterhood Social (under the technicality that her daughter has no sister so she can act as a substitute) and other such events around Ponyville.  Where there is a fun event, Berry Punch is likely to be there, fitting in with everypony.

She has also been known to get caught in the latest crazes, and was a huge fan of Fluttershy during the pegasus' modeling career, but comes to her senses in time.  Her daughter has helped with that as well, helping her keep a more level head.

Finally, she has known to be a bit of a flirt, but it is mostly in good fun.  Mostly.

History: The current owner of Valle Viola, Berry Punch was born and raised on the vineyard she now calls home.  While her parents have retired elsewhere, she has since taken over and has kept the family wine at the top of the game, beating out several Prench wines in quality, flavor, and aroma.  Being around wines and alcohols her entire life made her curious, and while she has a rather high tolerance, she has been drunk before.  She has also vowed: 'never again," as she still has no idea what went on that night after she had that eighth maregerita.  Much to her shame, she has no idea who the father of her daughter is, but after many years, she has stopped caring.  Between her parents' help and her own work ethic, she has managed to raise 'Pinchy' into a fine young filly so far, and is confident she can continue to do so.

Other: Berry Punch is the (very) proud mother of Ruby Pinch, aka Pinchy, the cutest little filly in all the world.  At least, that's Berry's opinion.  She loves, adores, and dotes upon her daughter, holding her above all else in the world in importance.  She is the cousin of Cheerilee, and as thanks for being family and for taking care of Pinchy at school, has kept her cousin properly stocked with "after school medicine" - in moderation, of course.  They often enjoy a glass together in the evenings when the weather is nice and time permits.