Sunset Shimmer
~-~-~-~-~-~-~Vital Stats~-~-~-~-~-~-~
Details: Female, Adult, Unicorn
Profession: Unemployed, Royal Guest
Cutie Mark: A red and gold blazing sun.
Special Talent: Conviction

A beautiful young mare with a well-maintained tan coat, Sunset's body is built with a slender, lean grace, of fairly ordinary height. Her horn is slightly short, but sharp-tipped. Her mane is fairly distinctive, a rich curtain of red, with natural golden-blonde highlights. Her eyes are a soothing sea green, the same hue as her channeled magic - though, from time to time, her magic adopts a brilliant scarlet hue - frequently when she is acting in fierce determination. Sunset frequently is seen wearing a set of black leather saddlebags over her withers.

Sunset seems a little unsteady on her hooves at times, and frequently uses her fore-hooves in gesturing.  Most of the time, however, she seems to get along fine. She's even graceful, on occasion - the odd thing is that she seems only occasionally clumsy.

One's immediate impressions of Sunset Shimmer are likely to be that the mare is rather friendly. She's sociable and happy to listen to most anypony. She doesn't, however, always contribute equally to the conversation. Particularly with strangers, Sunset can be more subdued. She also seems to prefer not talking about herself or her own past, and tends to use vague responses when questions arise, and prefers not to volunteer much information without prompting.

Despite all that, she remains friendly, and the awkwardness can fade somewhat with familiarity. Sunset definitely appears to be confident in herself, however, and displays remarkable drive and convictions on certain topics. In particularly, she's proud and independent, and doesn't wish to burden anyone else. Sunset is a complex mare who has issues that she's still dealing with, though, they tend not to be immediately apparent to her new acquaintances.

Once, Sunset Shimmer was a promising young student to Princess Celestia. She earned her place via a solid performance and a display of talent in the entrance exams for Celestia's school for gifted unicorns, but distinguished herself with a remarkable display - she hatched Philomena, much as Twilight Sparkle would later hatch Spike. Philomena became Sunset's familiar, and Celestia took the promising young mare under her wing as a protege.

Sunset was most definitely gifted, displaying a remarkable talent for magic. Her magical gifts, however, also came with her attitude. She loved her favored position - chosen, above her peers. She was able to keep it from Celestia for a time, but she rarely held much interest for other students, save when her position as Celestia's personal pupil led to her getting particular notice, respect, or favoritism.

Eventually, though, Celestia did notice. She tried to gently guide Sunset to accept her peers and let go of her arrogance, but Sunset seemed oblivious. It became clear that her talent had never been magic - it was her ambition, her drive... and she was misdirecting it. Her teaching continued, with Celestia unsure how to get through to her.  They had discussions on friendship and humility, but nothing sank in. And one day, Celestia stood her before a mirror... (See comic below)

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*Books titles: 'There is more than one of everything', 'Crisis of Infinite Equestrias', 'Crossing Over' by Bell and Bishop, 'Salem's Stable', 'Infamous Cemeteries of Equestria', 'The Observers', 'The Ponyville Horror', 'H.P.Lovecolt', 'The Exorcoltism', 'Who Was Megan?', 'How to Stop the Unicorn Uprising'


Sunset grew up her next five years in this new realm. She became popular, powerful, feared... It was a rush, and she adored it. But she wanted more. She was soon attending Canterlot High, and each year, she won the right to be called a Princess. During her sophomore year, however, the portal was due to open again.

It called to her, and Sunset answered, slipping into the portal on the last night of its opening. She was greeted by a sight which jarred her. Philomena's ornate, golden cage had been placed before the mirror and the withered and fading form of the phoenix sagged, sleeping, across the base of the cage. Sunset approached, feeling a wave of sadness.

"...Philomena. She's keeping you prisoner, huh? And right here with the mirror, to taunt me." She frowned. "I don't think I can bring you with me, but before I go... First..." She left the bird to sleep, and crept through the castle toward the forbidden section of the library. A simple spell overcame the locked doors protecting the royal library's forbidden section, and Sunset stepped inside, her horn a torch to light her way. She searched for several hours, before the sound of hoofsteps disturbed her... Sunset hid herself, to find Celestia arriving, letting herself into the forbidden section. Sunset feared that she would notice something out of place - but if she did, Celestia didn't call her out or make mention of it. She retrieved several books, and sat to read, though Sunset couldn't see what books they were.  The princess lingered for only an hour, before departing.

When Sunset checked the books she had been reading, she found a tale of Nightmare Moon, discussing the Elements of Harmony, and how, on the longest day of the thousandth year, Nightmare Moon would return... It was this year, she realized. Returning the book to the shelf, Sunset felt flummoxed. Sunset replaced that book, and checked one of the others - on the Elements of Harmony themselves...

Soon after, Sunset finished her research, and had a handful of books tucked away for continue dreading and planning in the other world. She returned to the main hall, and back to Philomena's cage, She frowned, sadly, and touched the bars. "Poor girl.  You want to renew, hmm?" She closed her eyes, pale green light dancing around her horn as she sparked a soothing flame, wrapping it around Philomena's withered form.

The phoenix cried out and flared up, blazing beautifully as she was renewed by flame. And, at much the same moment, the torches lining the main hall ignited as well, casting the room in a day-like glow.

"Scene Under Revision/ Redo as GM Co-Op":
Encounter between Sunset Shimmer and Princess Celestia


And so, Sunset returned to Canterlot High, bearing several tomes - none were magical, but she hadn't been seeking magic - she sought insight, a means of bringing more powerful, functional magic to Equestria. Fortunately, however, with study and effort, she decoded information about the Element of Magic - how it might bring the power to wield magic with it through the portal.

Then, it became clear. She needed only bide her time, waiting, and hope that the Princess's new student would be able to recover the Elements of Harmony. And eventually, two and a half years hence, she returned once more to the land of Equestria, with one goal - to steal the Element of Magic.

Sunset succeeded, but not without complications, and the newly-minted Princess Twilight pursued her to Canterlot High, where she managed to secure the crown. Sunset managed to steal it from her, however, and used it's power, but it manifested via her corrupt ambitions, and transformed her into a devilish being - but Twilight and her friends worked together, and  broke the spell... And in the process, they broke Sunset's spirit and her ambitions.  Sunset cried for the first time in years.

Her power over the school was irrevocably broken, and she became an outcast - but for the group of girls , the reflections of Twiights friends and the bearers of the Elements of Harmony.  She was timid and shaken, lost and unsure of her purpose, newly humbled and finally able to see herself for what she had been. She had countless regrets, and turned to the school counselor, Cadance, for help coping with her situation. She also had a small group of friends, thankfully - the girls who had opened her eyes.

When Spring rolled around, however, new girls arrived at the school, and strange magic was at work. Sunset dusted off that old book - and wrote a letter to Princess Celestia to ask for her help. It was answered by Twilight, however, who discovered a means to forcefully open the portal and pass through at any time, to help Sunset and their friends defeat the Sirens who were bewitching the entire school.  In the end, Sunset found her convictions again, and stood with Twilight and their friends to defeat the Dazzlings...

And time has passed. Sunset colloquially appointed herself Twilight's 'student', and began to write her regular letters, using the old tome once reserved for letters she was to write to Princess Celestia.

More recently, Sunset has longed to revisit Equestria, and wrote her 'mentor' and friend to seek an opportunity to come through the portal... And after deliberation with her friends, Princess Twilight agreed.

When it comes to her magic, Sunset has a remarkable strength. She's no wizard, no specialist, but she clearly shows signs of formal magic training - she can handle both large numbers of small objects or fairly large objects, and shows a notable degree of precision with her telekinesis. She's known to be able to teleport short distances, and has also proven to have the talent to learn the simple spells of other ponies, with practice and effort. Sunset does seem to have a particular affinity for fire magic.

In terms of strength, Sunset's magic is comparable to Season 1-2 Twilight Sparkle, minus her power as the Element of Magic.