Twilight Sparkle

Name: Twilight Sparkle
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Specie: Alicorn
Cutie Mark: A 6-point star burst with white sparkles
Special Talent: Magic - Twilight Sparkle's capacity for spells and magic is far beyond the norm, making her one of the most powerful mages in Equestria.
Occupation: Princess, Career Student, Librarian at Books and Branches Library

Twilight Sparkle is a kind and well-meaning Pony who deeply cares for her friends.  She values knowledge and works very hard in order to constantly expand her own understanding of the world, making her ever-hungry for new experiences and information.  However, she can be a bit of a recluse due to her studious nature and thus isn't the best at making friends or handling herself in social situations.  She can often become overwhelmed and stressed out by things that wouldn't bother more socially acclimated Ponies.

Originally from Canterlot, Twilight Sparkle gained tutelage under Princess Celestia when it was foreseen the role destiny had in store for her.  Twilight grew into a capable young Pony and was later involved in the defeat of both Nightmare Moon and Discord, helping to save Equestria from disaster alongside her friends.  She's come to live in Ponyville and continue her studies on the magic of Friendship, which have culminated in her coronation as a Princess and transformation from a Unicorn into an Alicorn.

Twilight Sparkle is the de facto leader of the Elements of Harmony group, bearing the Element of Magic herself.  As Princess Celestia's personal protege, she holds direct and frequent contact with the Princess, seeing her both as a mentor and a beloved figure in her life.  Her older brother, Shining Armor, is married to Princess Celestia's niece, Princess Cadence.

Body: 1
Mind: 4
Skill: 3
Wit: 1
Cutie Mark Bonus: Magic