Name: Rarity
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: Rarity's cutie mark is a trio of blue diamonds arranged in a small triangle shape.
Special Talent: Rarity's special talent is the ability to find gemstones and use the gemstones she finds to make fabulous dresses and outfits.
Occupation: Owner and Dress-Maker of the Carousel Boutique.


Personality: Rarity is a unicorn with refined taste, an appreciation for cleanliness and beauty, and a deep heart for the needs and wants of those she's close to. Everything from her voice to the way she carries herself speaks of the higher class, something that is almost foreign to Ponyville, and Rarity has no problem showing that off. She craves to be the center of attention and seems to be obsessed with vanity. This confidence works to her advantage in certain situations where her lady-like manners would cause her to be underestimated, but it can be intimidating.

Though it appears on the surface that Rarity is self-centered, she actually cares very deeply about those who are close to her to the point where she can get rough and tough when her friends are in danger. She's also incredibly generous, lending her time, her help, and giving away things to bring her friends joy and satisfaction.

History: Rarity grew up in Ponyville, though her mannerisms would have you believe otherwise. She received her cutie mark when she was a young filly designing costumes for a school play. A strange occurrence with her horn glowing and dragging Rarity across Equestria led her to find a large collection of gems, which she used to improve the costumes, earning her cutie mark. Using her talent for making outfits and dresses, she opened her own Boutique to sell her creations. She lives and works there, occasionally having to babysit her younger sister Sweetie Belle.

Other: Rarity has a younger sister, Sweetie Belle, that she has to look after on various occasions. Though they come into conflict sometimes, they genuinely love each other. While she's very close with all of her friends, she has a special relationship to Fluttershy, who she meets weekly for a spa treatment. She's also rather fond of Spike, referring to him often as "Spikey-Wikey." She also is able to wield the Element of Generosity, and has assisted her friends in vanquishing such foes as Nightmare Moon and Discord.

Body: 1
Mind: 2
Skill: 3
Wit: 3
Cutie Mark Bonus: Stuff involving Gemstones!