Rainbow Dash

----------VITAL STATS----------
Name: Rainbow Dash
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Specie: Pegasus Pony
Cutie Mark: A red, yellow, and blue lightning bolt coming from a white cloud.
Special Talent: Weather control, speed, and aerobatics.
Occupation: Weather Pegasus

Rainbow Dash is an athletic Pegasus pony and has dedicated her entire life into molding herself into a speed machine. She is shorter than most mares, her height even rivaled by some tall fillies. She is stocky without being chunky, and keeps herself nice and light for maximum flying speed. Her coat is a brilliant, almost sky-like cyan and her eyes are a dazzling shade of fuchsia. Her most recognizable feature is her prismatic mane and tail. Her mane she keep trimmed short and barely even seems to style it in the morning. Recently she has gotten a piercing on her left brow.

Rainbow Dash is a very loyal and brash Pegasus. She will never leave her friends hanging, and will do anything to protect them. She is very athletic and also very confident in her abilities to the point of being arrogant. She loves a good challenge nearly as much as a good nap. Despite her overwhelming confidence, Dash has shown that she can be somewhat self-conscious about herself at times. She has also shown that she can be very impulsive which can make her react without thinking, and that can get her into trouble at times.

Rainbow Dash was born in Cloudsdale, Equestria. Raised by her father, she grew up wanting to emulate him in every single way she could. She worked hard in school, but as she moved into adolescence, her marks began to slide. She began to focus more on flying, having fun, and mastering the latest tricks. Having admired the Wonderbolts for as long as she could remember, she then began to make joining them her primary goal in life.

She enrolled in Flight School and even joined the Junior Speedsters, the top flight group in the school. Rainbow Dash wowed them with her skills and seemed to be on the fast track to superstardom. However, she soon began to hang with the wrong crowd and let her studies and her training slip. After numerous reprimands for poor behavior, Rainbow Dash was expelled from flight school and her dreams of a fast-track to the Wonderbolts was in tatters... at least for now.

With a bad reputation following her in Cloudsdale, the only job Rainbow Dash could land was that of a weather pony in some unknown hick down called Ponyville. Reluctantly, Dash took the job and it ended up being the best thing she ever did. Now, with a clean slate, Dash has worked hard to rebuild her life and make new, good, friends.

Rainbow Dash owns a rather large cloud house hanging over Sweet Apple Acres' airspace. The appearance of the house changes often, as Dash can alter it's size and shape just as she can any other cloud.

----------HORSESHOE STATS----------
WIT: 1