Derpy Hooves
Name: Derpy Hooves
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Specie: Pegasus Pony
Cutie Mark: A swarm of bubbles
Special Talent: Um...muffins! And anything related to bubbles.
Occupation: Mail Carrier

Appearance: Derpy is an average sized pegasus mare with bluish gray coat and light blonde mane. Her build leans more towards slender and one has to wonder where all those muffins she eats go. The feature distinguishing Derpy from other ponies is her wall-eyed look. Because of this somepony might be slightly vary of her at first and even underestimate her intelligence but most ponies are already used to it.

Personality: Blessed with almost childlike innocence, Derpy is rarely bothered by things other ponies struggle with. Full of vigor and chipper attitude she is always eager to help even if most of the times she ends up being more of a bother, caused by her habit of spacing out or just being her clumsy self. Despite her painfully obvious flaws Derpy is one of the most reliable companions a pony could have and she has her moments. Under her aloof character lies a true friend and she can be surprisingly insightful and serious since she just doesn't think outside the box, she lives there. A good example of this is how devoted Derpy is to her young daughter Dinky and how she manages to raise the filly all by herself even if she has had her hardships.

History: There is nothing overly spectacular in Derpy's past; she was born and raised in Cloudsdale, attended the Flight School with other adolescent pegasi and now works as a Mail Carrier for Ponyville. She also has a daughter named Dinky Hooves, although there has been no information of the father and frankly, everypony just have grown to accept it without dwelling too much in to the past. Derpy plays the part of mother with passing grades and that's all that counts.

Other: Derpy has some problems with depth perception because of her eyes.

Body: 3 (although not strong in regards of raw power, physically very resilient and good stamina)
Mind: 3
Skill: 1
Wit: 2