Lyra Heartstrings
Name: Lyra Heartstrings
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: Lyra's cutie mark is a lyre.
Special Talent: Lyra's special talent is the ability to play wonderfully on her harp.
Occupation: Musician


Personality: Lyra is almost as amiable a pony as one could find! An easy-going smile is usually present on her features, whether she is gawking at the latest happenings in Ponyville with Bon Bon or simply playing her harp on a park bench. She's excitable, friendly, and always up for a good joke or a bit of gossip.

However, this unicorn can also be a little bit... Quirky. Whether she's sitting straight on a chair or trying to do simple tasks with her hooves rather than magic, it can take a little getting used to. She can be a bit of a day-dreamer, especially when she's in the middle of playing her instrument. Oh, and she loves pie.

History: TBD!

Other: Lyra seems to have a very close relationship with Bon Bon, and said relationship is a subject of many rumors and running gags. She keeps pretty tight lipped about whether it is simply platonic or not. Her other friends in Ponyville are her fellow musically inclined ponies, namely Octavia and Vinyl Scratch.