Name: Spike
Age: Baby (by dragon reckoning. Able to function as more-or-less a young adult pony.)
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Cutie Mark: None
Special Talent: Spike has learned to be a good scribe and librarian, and he's also very good at designing snappy costumes for himself.
Occupation: Twilight Sparkle's personal assistant

Appearance: Spike stands perhaps three feet tall, with purple scales crested with green spines down his back. He has a soft, rotund appearance, no wings, and a generally non-threatening air, despite his species' reputation. His bipedal stance and quick, nimble foreclaws make him handy in many situations that arise in Ponyville. He generally goes naked for day-to-day living and dresses up in jaunty suits and false mustaches for special occasions. Though he lacks the versatile magic of the unicorns, he can send and receive mail magically, and he can breathe fire, just a bit.

Personality: Spike is always eager to please and eager to prove himself. Though he prides himself on his courage, he is sensitive at heart and often worries that he might be abandoned by the people he cares about. After finally gaining some firsthand experience with dragonkind, Spike is committed to life among the ponies and learning all he can about pony culture. Spike has a crush on Rarity. Rarity knows this but has securely friendzoned him.

History: Spike was adopted as a hatchling by Twilight Sparkle when Twilight was accepted as Princess Celestia's pupil. He sees her as something in between a mother figure, a close friend, and a challenging boss. After moving to Ponyville, Spike's easygoing charm and ability to send messages at instant speed made him a popular public figure.

Other: Spike doesn't know where he came from or who his parents might be - Princess Celestia has been quite tight-lipped over how she acquired Spike as an egg.
Spike has made peace with Owloysius, and he now seeks the owl out to fill in for him sometimes when he wants some free time to pursue his own interests. Oddly enough, this makes him wish Owloysius were around more often.
Lately, Spike's been wondering whether he wants to be a personal assistant all his life, or whether he wants to eventually find a new vocation. His lack of a cutie mark means that he's experiencing a small crisis of faith regarding what his special talent is, or whether he has one at all.

Body: 1
Mind: 2
Skill: 3
Wit: 3