Sweetie Belle
Name: Sweetie Belle
Age: Child
Gender: Female
Specie: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: None
Special Talent: Unknown
Occupation: Student

Appearance: Sweetie Belle is a small, light grey unicorn filly.  She has large sap green eyes.  Her mane and tail have cute curls and are mixture of two colors.  Greyish mulberry and pale, light greyish rose.  For her general age group she appears to be of an average height and weight.  Sweetie Belle currently does not have her cutie mark, thus has a "blank flank."

Personality: Sweetie Belle comes off as a bit spacy; often times taking her a moment longer than her friends to catch on to what's going on around her.  The little filly also has a tendency to take everything others say quite literally.  Sayings such as "biting off more than you can chew" often confuse her.  Regardless of this and her spaciness she appears to notice small details, such as the grammatical errors her friends make.  She is the likely the most even tempered of the cutie mark crusaders, and similar to Twilight Sparkle in that normally she's the calm peace maker of the group.  Sweetie Belle is always an excited participant in her and her friends activities.  Sweetie has also shown the ability to take on a leadership like role in one of her past cutie mark crusades.

When it comes to her sister Rarity, Sweetie is always eager to help; though this isn't always met with the same sentiments.  Unfortunately, even when her eagerness to help is accepted, the filly tends to fumble with the given tasks.  Because of her clumsiness, Sweetie Belle has a bad tendency to make a mess of things.  Unlike her sister, Sweetie isn't afraid to get her hooves dirty.

History: Sister to Rarity, Sweetie Belle lives separately with her parents in Ponyville.  On occasions left with her sister when her parents go on "vacations."  She, Applebloom and Scootaloo formed the Cutie Mark Crusaders together after she and Scootaloo defended Applebloom at Diamond Tiara's cute-ceaņera.  The three of them now, as the CMC spend a lot of their free time in search of their special talents in hopes of gaining their cutie marks.  This has led the trio on fun adventures as well as created some more disastrous results.

Other: Although she doesn't currently have her cutie mark or know what her special talent is... she shows some potential in singing, song writing, and cooking (thanks to Rarity's help).  She also shows some interest in making clothes like her older sister, Rarity.