Diamond Tiara
Name: Diamond Tiara
Age: Child
Gender: Female
Specie: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: A Tiara
Special Talent: Leading Ponies.
Occupation: Student/Busybody/Bully

Diamond Tiara is a pink filly who dresses well.  Her blue eyes
are hard and steely when everything is going according to plan, but often
go wide in surprise when everything falls apart.  Her mane is light purple
with a white streak that is well styled (perhaps with experience she could
be Rarity's equal in style!), and she rocks any clothes she wears in style.
She's about the same height as any other filly, though perhaps the tiniest
bit thicker.

Diamond Tiara's a cocky little girl who knows how to manipulate situations and ponies, but she often gets ahead of herself.  Unlike her father, she's yet to develop the same knowledge of honey and vinegar that leads to smart sales and loyal customers.  She inspires confidence in her followers and can be very intimidating to her foes; she's a social dynamo and knows how to make situations work for her.  However, she's prone to childish bouts of short-sightedness and lets her emotions get the better of her a little too often.

Diamond Tiara's most redeeming features are her loyalty to her father and
family.  She can never be seen more flustered than when somepony takes her tiara or it is knocked from her head.

Diamond Tiara is the daughter of Filthy Rich and the Queen of Mean at the Ponyville Schoolhouse; one of the two big smirches on Miss Cheerilee's record so far.  She got her Cutie Mark along with most of the class, and she has made it her life's mission to make sure Blank Flanks know of their status all too well. Though Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle have stood
up to her on more than one occasion, she's yet to be knocked off of her
high pony...until Meadow Lark came along and took the tiara off of her head.
Whether this will change her behavior or is just a hitch in her giddy-up,
however, is not entirely clear...

Body:  1
Mind:  2
Skill: 2
Wits:  4