Name: Merriweather
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Specie: Unicorn Pony
Cutie Mark: A silver kite shield
Special Talent: Caring for others
Occupation: Owner of the Summer Song Cafe, former Canterlot Soldier

Merriweather is tall as Ponies go, standing a good head higher than most other mares her age.  She has a strong build that motherhood has only managed to soften a little bit, as well as traces of her previous hard lifestyle as a soldier.  Her body has many faint scars, though most notably her left ear is visibly damaged and can no longer raise upright on its own.

Like many soldiers, Merriweather has a stern sort of demeanor that sometimes makes her hard to warm up to.  However, it is born entirely out of concern for others.  She tends to take things seriously and is always on the look out to make sure those around her are safe, cared for, and content.  She has a real soft spot for her family and often dotes on her son a bit too much for his liking.  Despite her sometimes severe attitude, she is a hopeless romantic deep down but gets embarrassed expressing such feelings.

Merriweather comes from a long line of Soldiers having been born and raised in Canterlot.  While she held a long and fairly prestigious run in the Royal Guard, her life as a Soldier fell apart not long after she met the traveling musician, Songbird.  Merriweather wasn't the sort to become smitten or swept off her hooves, but enough time and effort eventually led the two to becoming a couple.  Unfortunately their relationship hit some rocky roads and the two broke up soon after she became pregnant.  The resulting scandal of being unwed
and pregnant proved to be too much for Merriweather to cope with in Canterlot.

In the interest of having a more stable life for her son, Merriweather retired from the Royal Guard and settled down in Ponyville.

Other: Owns and lives in the Summer Song Cafe in the Business District of Ponyville along with her son, Meadow Lark.