Name: Zecora
Age:  Adult
Gender: Female
Specie: Zebra
Cutie Mark: Spiral Sun
Special Talent: Mixing potions.
Occupation: Herbalist.

Personality: Calm and collected, Zecora is not a zebra that startles easily. Able to keep a cool head in just about any circumstance she's always willing to lend a helping hoof to those who need it, even if they have done nothing to earn her kindness.

History: Zecora grew up in the lands outside of Equestria, in a small village in one of the great plains of her homeland. She learned the art of herbalism at the hoof of her mother who was quite learned in the art. Once she came of age she wandered the lands of her birth before finding her way to Equestria. She wandered the lands for a year before coming upon the area known as the Everfree Forest.

She had not meant to stay for very long but found herself falling in love with the savage beauty of the place. The fact that the forest had nearly every plant she could ever want for her work was just a bonus. So it was that she built herself a hut and settled down in the forest. Despite a rocky start with the residents of the nearby town of Ponyville she now enjoys a friendly relationship with her neighboring ponies.