Name: Aloe
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Specie: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: An elegant white lotus.
Special Talent: Like her twin sister, Aloe's special talent is granting relaxation and beautification, though she likes to put her own spin on it.
Occupation: Aloe works at the Ponyville Spa.

Appearance: Slender and lovely, Aloe's coat is a rosy pink while her well-maintained tresses are a vivid cyan blue.  Aloe's blue eyes are gently slanted, seeming to hint at her exotic homeland just as does her lilting accent.  Aloe is of average height for a mare, and appears to indulge herself as much as the guests at the spa.

Personality:  Aloe is the yin to her sister Lotus' yang.  Where Lotus is calm and quiet, Aloe is dynamic and forward.  Far more prone to indulgence than her twin, the pink Pony loves to gossip, have fun partying with friends, and frequently goes out on dates.  She is often mischievous and flirtatious, even going so far as to tease friends or Lotus herself with her playful mannerisms.  However, she is not without her own sense of maturity; Aloe deeply cares for and often worries about her sister, and she takes her job as a beautician very seriously.

Quirks: Despite how carefree she normally acts, Aloe is inwardly very concerned for her sister and hopes to get Lotus to loosen up a little.  She doesn't look it, but she is extremely protective of her twin.  Aloe is also an unrepentant stallion-chaser and frequently flirts with anypony who catches her wandering eyes.
Fears: Monotony, boredom, split ends: they all bother Aloe tremendously.  Aloe's greatest fear is losing her sister.
Property: A clean and airy little house in Ponyville.
Family: Aloe's twin sister, Lotus, also lives in Ponyville.

Body 1
Mind 2
Skill 4
Wit 2
Cutie Mark Bonus: Soothing others