Name: Lotus
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Specie: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: An elegant white lotus.
Special Talent: Lotus' special skill is the pampering and relaxing of the ponies of Ponyville.  Need a facial or a hooficure?  Lotus is just the pony to see, especially when she works side-by-side with Aloe.
Occupation: Lotus works at the Ponyville spa.

Appearance: Slender and lovely, Lotus' coat is a vivid cyan blue while her well-maintained tresses are a rosy pink.  Lotus' blue eyes are gently slanted, seeming to hint at her exotic homeland just as does her lilting accent.  Lotus is of average height for a mare, and appears to indulge herself as much as the guests at the spa.

Personality: Calm and quiet mixes well with an eagerness to please: Lotus is the perfect pony to soothe someone into a relaxing day at the spa.  Lotus takes pride in her work and strives to give each guest her full attention so that they leave feeling radiant inside and out.

Quirks: Lotus genuinely feels that a day at the spa can lighten even the heaviest burden, though sometimes even when the spa guests leave feeling lightened--she feels a little heavy with worry for their endeavours.
Fears: Stress, anger, tension: they all bother Lotus tremendously.  Lotus is absolutely terrified of making a guest's day worse, however.
Property: A clean and airy little house in Ponyville.
Family: Lotus' twin sister, Aloe, also lives in Ponyville.

Body 1
Mind 2
Skill 4
Wit 2
Cutie Mark Bonus: Soothing others