Meadow Lark

Name: Meadow Lark
Age: Child
Gender: Male
Specie: Pegasus Pony
Cutie Mark: N/A
Special Talent: Unknown
Occupation: Student

Meadow Lark is an energetic and curious colt.  He has great capacity for trouble and not a lot of ability for sitting still, which his father proudly claims is because of his genes.  Despite his rambunctious nature he can be a sweet boy and never means to cause harm, though he bears a righteous nature like his mother that can sometimes lead him into bad situations.  Meadow Lark looks up to both of his parents given their impressive accomplishments and hopes to achieve the same level of greatness, though living in their shadows can sometimes be more intimidating than he'll admit.  Despite his parents' separation as a couple, he still looks up to his father and bears no ill feelings toward either parent.

Meadow Lark was born in Ponyville following his mother's retirement from the Royal Guard because of her pregnancy.  To date he's never left the little town or ever been to Canterlot, though he has great interest in traveling once he's old enough.

Other: Meadow Lark is the first born son to Merriweather and Songbird, though his parents never married and are no longer together.  He lives in the Summer Song Cafe but is too young to help his mother out in running the shop.  Because of his youth and small size, Meadow Lark hasn't learned how to fly yet.  He has a secret crush on the local schoolteacher, Cheerilee.

Body: 3
Mind: 4
Skill: 1
Wit: 1
Cutie Mark Bonus: N/A