Tom Wolfe
Tom "Turtle" Wolfe
  Service/Rank:   Field Scout (Exploration)
  Race:           Humaniti (mixed)
  Homeworld:      Mora/Mora (AA99AC7-F)
  Height:         1.83m (6'0")           Weight:      81.8kg (180 lbs)
  Skin:           Tanned                     Hair:        Strawberry Blonde
  Apparent Age:   Late 20's to Early 30's

  Primary Qualifications: Pilot
  Secondary Qualifications: Navigator

Tom Wolfe is an ex scout. His average physical appearance hides a very sharp intellect and education.  As he doesn't stand out in a crowd it is easy for him to disappear into one.  His average social standing on Mora prevented him from entering the Navy to be a pilot, however the scouts accepted him.  Before joining the scouts he attended the University of Mora.  Finding college did not suit him intellectually or educationally he left after a year.

Early in his career he served on the Bright Light (Lightning class cruiser in scout service) for a year as back up pilot picking up the nick name/call sign "Turtle".  It was given to him as a joke by the captain of the ship because of how quickly Tom picked up things and his at best average physical abilities.   At the end of his year aboard the Bright Light the Captain recommended Tom be assigned to smaller ships for his likeable personality and his ability to think before jumping into dangerous situations.