Carolai Pell
Name:          Carolai Pell
Race:          Humaniti (mixed)    Homeworld:  Pequan
Height:        5'5"        Weight:     125 lbs
Eyes:          Brown               Hair:       Brown
Skin:          Medium brown
Apparent Age:  Late 20's


 Her features are typical of the Pequanese, golden brown with dark hair and almond-shaped brownish/hazel eyes. She's a buxom, curvaceous woman with a serious look about her face. Although her body is soft feminine curves and swells, there is something hard in her expression and there is muscle tone there too in her arms and abdominals and legs.  She carries herself quite gracefully, but its not a refined grace like that of the cultured Nobility. More of a person with athleticism who is very comfortable in their own skin.   She has a lot of tattoos, mostly black ink work. At least those you can see.  Two stylized gothic names are tattooed on each inner forearm. They read "Farjana" and "Uvagai".

Primary Certifications:  Streetwise, Stealth, Deception

Secondary Qualifications:  Carouse, Steward, Persuade

Languages: Speaks Fluent Pequanese and Galanglic.