Jackie Wells
Jackie Wells showed up in Deadwood a few years back, babbling about having fought her way out of Devil's Tower. Since then, she's remained in Deadwood, and latched on to Seth Bullock as a deputy. She's hot-headed and a bit callous, and Bullock has had to reign her in more than once, but she's a strong force for law in an otherwise lawless place. Too bad she's loco...she claims to be from the future when she's had too much to drink.

Jackie is six feet tall and statuesque, with close-cropped blonde hair and a handsome jawline. She often dresses like a man, in a long coat, vest, a white shit, dungarees, and boots. Most folk fear the Gatling Pistol she wears openly on her side. Others would think her pretty if she weren't a babbling lunatic.