Spotted Elk
"They danced without rest, on and on...Occasionally someone thoroughly exhausted and dizzy fell unconscious into the center and lay there 'dead'...After a while, many lay about in that condition. They were now 'dead' and seeing their dear ones...The visions...ended the same way, like a chorus describing a great encampment of all the Dakotas who had ever died, where...there was no sorrow but only joy, where relatives thronged out with happy laughter...The people went on and on and could not stop, day or night, get a vision of their own dead...And so I suppose the authorities did think they were crazy - but they were not. They were only terribly unhappy."

Spotted Elk, the Wicasa who guides the Miniconjou, (who is also known by the name of "Big Foot") is considered a great man of peace. He is best known among his people for his political and diplomatic successes. He is skilled at settling quarrels between rival parties, and is often in great demand among other Teton bands.

Of the four majority tribes that lead the Sioux Nation, the Miniconjou have suffered the worst at the hands of the Long Knives. Spotted Elk has heard of The Ghost Dance, and has become one of it's most ardent supporters. He is the one who has invited Wovoka to speak to the Wicasa council, to convince them to adopt the Ghost Dance religion.