Catherine Hays Cox
Katy is a slightly taller than average woman (five-and-a-half feet at best) that appears to be in her mid-thirties. Her hair is dark and worn longer than shoulder length, her eyes are dark, and her nose narrower than average. Her cheekbones are high giving her face an angular appearance. While she could once have been considered classically beautiful, age has taken some toll on her skin, though she still moves quite gracefully. When she speaks, it is fairly obvious she is a country gal, and probably from the southern part of the country.

Her attire is somewhat situation dependent, but she is almost always seen wearing a black sombrero, square-cut, knee-high black boots, and a black duster. Her gun belt is worn high on her hips, suggesting that she is used to drawing her pistol from horseback. The pistol she uses could be considered extravagant, with a pearl grip fairly obvious at a glance.