Belle Ivers

Belle isn't an especially remarkable looking woman at first glance, but longer inspection yields interesting details.  She's lean and a bit taller than average with hair that some might call red brown and others might call auburn, depending on one's proclivities.  She has a pointed chin and a narrow face with bright hazel eyes.  But that's not what's interesting about her.

Her hands are a study in contrasts, though her fingers are slender and feminine, the nails are often dirty with an undefined black compound which could be oil, dirt, grease or anything else.  Similarly she has callused fingers, but in an odd way that suggests it could be from extensive pistol firing.  Her apparel likewise walks on a fine line between traditional and practical.  It seems whatever vocation she undertakes necessitates gloves, trousers and boots, but a bit of lace, some frills, or a scarf seems to work its way in as well, as if she wants to concede to reality and yet distinguish herself as fundamentally different from others in the same masculine apparel.

And sometimes Belle is carrying interesting things.  The conventional weapons sometimes appear of course.  That satchel is actually purpose built, and can open up and reveal all kinds of strange phials and small, round packets wrapped in some kind of oiled paper or heavy fabric.  And if you're really lucky, she'll be carrying what appears to be a massive Gatling rifle of impossible caliber, which is worn with what appears to be a bandoleer of... railroad spikes?  A careful observer will note there's something strapped to her forearm, it looks like a wristguard of some kind.

But what's most interesting of all is if you should catch here near anything having to do with railroads or trains.  She can't help but look and study, and curios-er still, one may happen upon her kneeling next to a cowcatcher, as if... whispering to it?