Trace Hargrave
Trace Hargrave gives the immediate impression of a man who has spent most of his time outdoors. Although only in his late twenties, Hargrave's skin is deeply tanned and weathered, evidence of someone who has kept close company with the wind and sun. His jaw is often covered in stubble, and his long, brown hair speaks of long periods of time between visits to a town. Despite the rough aspects of his appearance, Hargrave's mount and gear are well cared for and maintained, almost meticulously so.

Hargrave is quiet by nature, but rarely unfriendly. Although often reticent about speaking about himself, Hargrave enjoys hearing of others and their experiences, and seems to have a keen interest in the stories of those that have managed to make a good, lasting home for themselves on the frontier. Hargrave's voice carries a slight, but noticeable, trace of a rural English accent. Occasionally, when discussing the West, he will refer to it as his adopted home.