Allura Danvers
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Allura Danvers summoned up by an evil man to use as a sexual plaything and servant to further his goals. She is one of the high school kids at Arkham High School. She also has a rebel streak and can be found playing rock with her band at the Brimstone and Brine nightclub.

Rebel, Rockstar and Unruly Daughter Allura is part of the cool crowd at school.
She was part of the Popular kids along with Rory, and Susan as petty, pretty and vapid as all the rest. Yet she took a liking to music and rebellion that moved her from the popular kids to the cool kids and even endeared her to some of the metal heads and fringe element at school.

She is childhood friends with Rory, and has stood up for the underdogs at school on more then one occasion, whether she actually cares about them or just likes sticking it to people who try to lord over others is hard to tell.

During her younger years her father was accused of beating her and Rory and some of her friends saw her with new bruises almost every week. Yet for those who knew her father and mother the two seemed to dote on and indulge her.
She denied any beatings and the teacher that accused her father of it mysteriously dissapeared.

She used to be part of the schools gymnastics team her flexibility something that made her a natural though only her mother supported her in this and when she died Allura gave up gymnastics.

Allura is drop dead gorgeous with a razors edge. She knows just how to hurt people whether it be were to strike to make people cry auntie or what to say to break peoples egos.