Susan Eisenberg
Standing 5' 4' 130 lbs, Susan seems a bundle of energy.  Her dark brown hair comes to her shoulders and her big brown eyes are always sparkling.
Dressing in comfortable clothing (though mostly designer brands), she seems like she's just happy to be wherever she happens to be, as if she'd recently shed a massive burden in her life and is content to simply be somewhere different then there.

She moves like an athlete, though her curvy and feminine body seems to deny this.   She seems perpetually distracted, but her sharp eyes take in everything.   Despite her jubilant attitude, there is evidence in Susan's eyes that she's seen more of the ugly side of life than the average person and she can seem very tightly wound because of it, like she's constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Bouncing back and forth between being very serious and professional and giggling like a schoolgirl playing hooky, kind of like she keeps forgetting which one she is supposed to be at any given moment, Susan also gives off the impression of a pampered rich girl who is just now rebelling against her rich family by doing something reckless and embarrassing.    She never seems comfortable in her own skin, at least not for long, and seems to forget who she's supposed to be, as if trying to be the Susan that others expect of her.

This is a radical change from her appearance and personality over the course of merely two years.   Up until a year ago, she was one of the popular rich girls, only concerned about landing dates with the cutest guy with the richest family.  Her and her Vapid friends gossiped and tried to outdo each other as the hottest and bitchiest girl in school.

Then, a year ago, she began to withdraw from her social circle, as if it didn't matter to her any longer.   She began spending all her time at home, ignoring her friends in and out of school, and becoming oddly moody and intense, even a little feral in odd ways.   Her fair-weather friends abandoned her, not that she noticed, and she continued to skulk around school, dressed in goth-like fashion, looking as if the world around her was some sad illusion and only she knew how horrible things really were.

Then, nearly one year later, she had undergone an even more radical transformation.  Gone was the moody and caustic goth, angry and bitter at the world.   Susan was like a different person, friendly and smiling, though nervously, as if she were playing herself on a world stage and was very nervous.   She was back to dressing in her old expensive clothes, though she looked a little out of date (rumor had it that her mother picked her clothes for her now) and she was shy and sweet, with a personality more like some sweet and shy wallflower, rather than the haughty rich girl or the snappish goth.

People whispered about drugs, or even some kind of mental breakdown, but no one knew for sure.   Susan wasn't talking.  At least about that.   At least not yet.

Susan Eisenberg


Duty D8 The people I care about depend on me. I wonít let them down.
Glory D4 Credit for my deeds is unimportant.
Justice D6 I try to do what I think is right.
Love D10 I have been through the ringer, but I think Iím getting better at this.
Power D10 Itís better to have at least some power than none.
Truth D4 Thereís a lot for me to learn.


Zoey Krass      D6 Makes me feel normal, fun to talk to.
Allura Danvers  D6 She makes me smile, and brings me out of my shell.
Rory Amborsius  D10 He could help me, though he makes me feel....funny.
Sam Clay        D4 A connection to my old life, though chatting gets awkward.



Magical Legacy (Heritage) Dd10
D4 Trigger Add D6 to trouble to reroll a die due to magical luck.

Big Hearted D8
D4 Trigger Earn a Plot Point when you Choose to buy somebodyís
sob story.
D8 Trigger Earn a plot point and add a D6 to trouble when you risk yourself to help someone in need.

Attractive D8
D4 Trigger Earn a plot point when your looks draw unwanted attention.
D8 Trigger Spend a plot point to reroll a die in an Attractive roll.

Wealthy D4
D4 Trigger spend a plot point to reroll a die in a test where money can sway things.

Best Body D4
D4 Trigger Add a D6 to Trouble to reroll a die in a Best Body roll.


Summoning D10
Special Effect Spend a Plot Point to:
Summon a 2d8 Extra that lasts till it's die pool is expended.
Give a Summoned Creature an Ability.
Boost a summoned extras Die.

Transmutation D4
Special Effect Spend a Plot Point to:
Create a tool as a D8 Useful detail.

Earth Control D4
Special Effect Spend a Plot Point to:
Create a wall of earth to prevent another character from leaving a scene.



Ezekial Eisenberg (Resources & Protection) 2d4
Susan -----> father who must be lied to ----> Ekekial
Ekekial ----> weird, ungrateful daughter ----> Susan

Sheri Lebowitz (Inspiration & Rivalry) 2d4
Sheri Lebowitz  ----> took Susan's place at "Head Heather" ---> Susan
Susan  ----> wants to get along with -----> Sheri
Sheri---Is after the hot guy especially is Susan wants him-->Rory

Eisenberg Residence (Magic & Advice) 2d10
Susan ----> Full of magic books ----> Susan's Home
Susan's Home ----> haunted by benevolent ancestor ---> Susan
Eisenberg Residence----Exists overlooking--->The Shores of the Miskatonic.

Connections for Features

Sam --->Useful contact if I humor him ---> Ezekial Eisenberg (father).
Susan ----> friend from former life ---> Sam Clay
Sam Clay ----> infatuated by girl ---> Susan

Connections to Locations
Brimstone and Brine---Where she used to sulk and be gothy at--->Susan