Mirelinda is a small female with the body of an athlete or a dancer. She looks barely eighteen, with long black hair and green eyes. She has the olive skin of the Varisian people, and she favors brightly colored outfits of multilayered silk, usually with several scarfs and sashes bringing even more striking color combinations.

She also likes jewelry, particularly gold jewelry (she doesn't go much for jewels).

Mirelinda, female human (Varisian) sorceress, starsoul bloodline, tattooed sorcerer archetype.

Mirelinda... it has been two generations since anyone addressed her by her name, and few even know it today. Mirelinda, or Mirelinda Marduzi for those outsiders who insisted upon a family name, was born 82 years ago, a beautiful Varisian girl, and all who saw her were enchanted by her grace and beauty. She was an accomplished dancer and a true Varisian soul, always longing to see what lay behind the next hill. Magic coursed through her veins, but she gave it little thought; the only real clue to her future powers being her love for the stars, which even as a child she stayed up late to watch.

Then, as girls do, she grew up and married. She settled into her own beautifully decorated horse-drawn wagon, raised 4 daughters and three sons, learned the crafts of a good wife, and started exploring her magic. When the clan reached a city and set up for trade, she was no longer among the dancers and entertainers, but plied the craft of a fortuneteller to separate the gullible from their coins.

Her force of personality was great, and at the young age of 35 she became the matriarch of her clan, a great honor for one so young. Her daughters took one the family chores while she lead the clan in its wandering. So great was her authority and demeanor that everyone, even her family and her closest friends, started addressing her only as 'matriarch'. During that time her magical power grew, and manifested as an ever increasing number of elaborate tattoos on her face and body. She painted elaborate harrow decks when she could find the time, which she gave to promising diviners of the clan, or sold to outsiders for a small fortune.

And then, at 60, she relinquished her position as matriarch, for by now she had become the greatest sorceress of the clans, and that role carried heavy responsibilities of its own. Also, her joints were becoming stiff, and although she was still strong she could not move as quickly as she once could, or be everywhere at once in the caravan. No longer able to address her as 'matriarch', her clan quickly settled on 'Grandmother' instead, an honorific other Varisians quickly picked up as it was widely believed that she could hear her own name (not that many even remembered it) spoken from miles away.

Finally, at 82, the gods came calling. She had always honored them, but without excess, as she preferred to rely on her own abilities. But now her own mortality was making herself felt, and her harrow readings showed her that a major choice was coming. And so when the gods called, she answered willingly, even though it meant leaving her clan.