Lareth is a remarkable young dragon. Unfortunately, in the strict society of lawful celestials, being remarked upon is usually undesirable to at least some extent.

Her mother was equally as remarkable, and so is her grandmother, so it is assumed that the females of her family have some peculiar trait that makes them... Unusual. Yet another word that is not quite desirable.

While nobody doubts her heart, her wisdom is occasionally a topic of discussion - such as when she decided to let a most unusual paladin become her rider. Nobody doubts his heart either, mind, but the fact that he is not bound to any particular deity is also a frequent topic of discussion - one might, if one wanted to be uncharitable, even call it gossip - among the celestial hierarchies.

Lareth is 25 years old, and it is starting to dawn on her that humans don't usually live for several millennia. Which is absolutely silly, since she has no intention of losing hers to old age, of all things. So she went and spoke to some... People, for lack of a better word.