Freifrau Agnetha von Jungfreud, Herrscherin von Hugeldal
Lady Agnetha is a young noblewoman who has married into the von Jungfreud family. She has been recently widowed and is very insecure about her prospects of remaining in charge of Hugeldal. For the time being the von Jungfreud family are happy to leave her in charge until her young son comes of age, though the eff ects of Ghoulpox have left him weak and sickly.

The disease has also left its mark on Agnetha, leaving her scarred, bereaved, and cynical. She was once a beautiful woman, to be sure, but her face is pocked and ravaged by the Ghoulpox, and her gaze is haunted and distant. She is grateful to Doktor  for saving her life and that of her son, and has listened to his suggestions that she outlaw the Shallyans in Hugeldal. As her proclamation demon-strates, she has recently acted on his ideas.