Name: Amm-Fib'ian
Origin: Gimmick

Prowess 3
Coordination 4
Strength 3
Intellect 9
Awareness 5
Willpower 4

Stamina 7/7  (currently host -3)
Determination 3


Possession 6 (cost 2)
Aquatic 2 (Cannot Breathe Air, Situational - Land Suit)  (Does not count against determination)
Danger Sense 6 (Use to avoid attacks)


Investigation (Master) +3
Criminology (Master)  +3

The Seas Greatest Detective
Motivation: To perfect the science of deduction and analysis
Looks like a Fishman
Weakness: Sonar

Total Points: ???

Bio: Amm-Fib'ian, or Ian as he goes by to humans, was the head of the sea-crime unit for his race. Able to solve any crime or mystery, he was held in high esteem. While on an investigation and exploring a sea cave, there was a huge rumbling of the earth, and the cave collapsed. After he awoke and slowly made his way out of the cave, he found his great city had vanished! All he had to go on was an empty boat found floating above the area where his great city had once existed. The boat contained a charter from the University of Hawaii and a wet footprint of one of Emperor Penguin's minions.

He needed to take his investigations to land, so taking what he could from salvaged wrecks, he built the Transferal Unit of Neural Awareness, T.U.N.A. for short. This device lets him possess others, and thus operate on land in their bodies.

Amm-Fibian made contact with High Detective Jones of the Multinational Investigation Bureau shortly after making his first landfall, and the two have a mutually beneficial partnership.

The one case Amm-Fibian has not been able to solve is what happened to his people, but he is working on it...