Colette (Cole) Stevens
Name: Colette Stevens
Nickname: Cole

Age: 22
Birthday: April 3rd
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 128 lbs
Build: Very Athletic
Skin: Fair
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Hazel

Gender/Sexuality: Female, pansexual
Sexual Style: submissive
Sexual Turn Ons: Dominant men, rough sex, extremely rough sex, pain & punishment, and more yet to be discovered
Sexual Turn Offs: To be discovered

Where are you from?: Astoria, Oregon

What do you do? (occupation): Dancer, student, and whatever else pays the bills

What kind of place do you live in?: A tiny studio apartment

Appearance: Cole is a tall, slender woman with a dancer’s body. She keeps her dark hair fairly short and usually wears it in a messy, punky sort of bob. She has hazel eyes in a heart shaped face, with both her hair and eyes standing out strikingly against her fair skin. All the time spent dancing means she is often found wearing whatever she can throw on over tights, but when she’s away from the studio, she has an eccentric sense of fashion. One day punk, the next goth, the next formal, and so on.

Personality: Cole comes across as easy going, laid back and casual. The truth is, though, that she has a deep seated drive to succeed that she masks by acting like nothing matters. She has spent her entire life trying to get out of her family’s dead end, trashy future, and she won’t let anything or anyone get in the way of that. Her cool demeaner is just a façade she has built to protect her from the judgement of the people around her.

Interests/hobbies/likes/dislikes/pet peeves: Dance, dance, and more dance. Cole has been dancing since she could walk. Contemporary, ballet, hip hop, whatever she could learn from watching the TV or movies or online, if it involved moving her body, she was into it. She never had time for much else, though she is also a big fan of music, since it ties so closely to her first love.

Cole dislikes people who act superior, the colour pink, and any food with peanuts in it. She’s not allergic, she just loathes the taste of peanuts. Oh, and people who chew with their mouth open.

Background: Colette grew up poor. Not ‘you might die of starvation’ poor, but just next door to it. She was one of the kids who some days her only solid meal was at school. Her dad was an alcoholic deadbeat who refused to get a job – not because he couldn’t work, but because if he got a job, he’d have to pay child support for Cole’s half siblings that still lived with his first wife. Cole’s mom worked as a waitress, which didn’t come close to making enough money to cover what they needed. Food stamps, social assistance, and her meager wage kept them all alive and her dad in beer, and that was about it.

Cole, her older brother Jonah and her younger brother Michael were mostly left to raise and fend for themselves. It was no surprise, really, that both of her siblings turned to drinking, drugs and crime when they were still quite young. And it was, sadly, also no surprise when Michael ended up dead in a robbery gone wrong.

Colette had stayed out of trouble mostly because her love of dance didn’t leave room for that kind of thing. She wasn’t sure where she had first seen someone dance – probably on one of the television shows her dad spent his days staring at – but it had consumed her form her earliest memories. While her brothers got into trouble, she was practicing. She would watch videos and try to emulate them, borrow library books on dancing, and stand outside the local dance studios, watching through the windows and imagining she could be on the inside instead. Eventually, a local studio owner noticed her interest, and her talent. They came to a deal where Cole would work at the studio, cleaning and doing paperwork, in exchange for lessons. Cole took in everything they could teach and kept wanting more.

When Michael died, Cole was devastated. Dance was the only thing that kept her from sinking into a pit of depression that she might not ever have gotten out of. But instead of destroying her, it was the kick she needed to get out of her hometown and pursue her dreams. Many applications and interviews later, she was accepted to the USC Kaufman School of Dance on a scholarship. She didn’t even tell her parents she was leaving. Her brother Jonah, finally sober too, was the only one who saw her off.

Cole is new to LA, and it has been an eye opening experience so far.

Other: Cole dances and studies at the school during the day, but she is looking for a job in the off hours. The scholarship only goes so far, and LA is an expensive place to live. What little she managed to save back in Oregon got her a tiny apartment, but that’s about it. She doesn’t really care what the job is at long as it pays the bills.

Father: Daniel Joseph Stevens, age 52. Alcoholic, deadbeat, extensive gambling debts. He has two kids (boy/girl) with his first wife who divorced him after she discovered his gambling. They live in Portland, Oregon. Colette knows of their existence but has never had any contact with them.
Colette hates her father with a fiery passion.

Mother: Charlotte Janelle Stevens, age 42. Waitress, fell ‘in love’ young and ended up stuck married to a douchebag of a husband when she got pregnant at 17. Three children – Jonah (24), Colette (22) and Michael (deceased, would have been 21). She barely finished high school and has absolutely no ambition.
Colette considers her mother to be nothing but a waste of space. Ensuring that she does NOT end up like her mom is pretty much Cole's life goal.

Brother: Jonah Frederick Stevens, age 24. Older brother to Colette. He spent most of his preteen and teen years drunk or high, following his father’s example of escapism. Alcohol was his gateway, but it swiftly led into harder drug use. He has arrests for trespassing, petty larceny, and multiple possession charges. Most occurred while he was still a minor, and he did some time in juvie.
Currently clean and sober, working as a mechanic, and attempting to complete his high school diploma.
Face Claim: Bernardo Velasco

Brother: Michael James Stevens, deceased. Would be 21 years old. Followed a similar life path as his older brother, but spent a bit less time doing drugs and a bit more time getting into other kinds of trouble. He had multiple arrests, ranging form larceny, grand theft auto, possession and trafficking to an assault charge. He did numerous stint in juve. He was shot by the homeowner in a botched robbery attempt a little more than one year prior to game start.

Random facts/things of note in her history:
Began formally attending dance school in grade 7 at age 12 (very late for anyone considering a ‘serious’ dance career)
Worked for the dance school in lieu of payment for lessons
Began competing the same year she began dancing, drawing attention immediately with numerous High Gold and Platinum level scores
Changed dance studios part way into her grade 9 year to a more competitive school that was considered to be a fast track to full time boarding academy performing arts schools
Applied to the Idyllwild Boarding Arts High School for her grade 10 year
*When her admittance to Idyllwild was rejected, she abruptly left the higher end dance school to return to her original dance school, where she continued dancing and competing until graduation
Graduated grade 12 with honours
Scored 1210 on her SATs
Worked at the dance studio as an instructor after high school, as well as numerous random side jobs (waitress, bookkeeper, cleaner/maid, bartending once she was old enough) and attending regular dance competitions
Brother Michael was killed when she was 21
Shortly after, she applied for and received a full tuition scholarship to USC Kaufman School of Dance, where she currently attends
Any check into her financial history will show she had built a savings before coming to LA, but that it’s nearly gone
Social media shows no notable romantic connections since coming to LA. Older photos and posts connect her to a few significant others, 3 men and 1 woman, none of which seem to have lasted more than six months