Jack Brown
Name: Jack Brown

Age: 37

Gender/sexuality: Straight, dominant.

Where are you from?: Jack is from Texas originally and speaks with a Southern accent.

What do you do? (occupation): Horse and animal trainer, personal trainer.

What kind of place do you live in?: Lives on Brown Stallion Ranch, just outside the city.

Appearance: Jack is a physically impressive looking man, who at work presents a casual look. He is tall and imposing, with a frame which clearly shows that he has spent some time in the gym, to attain and maintain his muscularity and well defined physique. He is Six foot four and two hundred and twenty pounds, with brown hair and green eyes.

Personality: Jack is a mostly serious man who doesn't suffer fools gladly, although he has a sense of humor when needed (or in the right company). He is charming when he wants to be, vulgar and crude the rest of the time. Arrogant and cocky, but in a way that is likeable, rather than offensive. Adaptable would also be a good word to describe him, though his time in the military often shows through with his attitudes and bearing towards discipline and women.

He can be a difficult man to sway with words and is extremely perceptive when dealing with others. He is passionate, dedicated to his work and goals and extremely loyal to his friends and loved ones.

In business Jack can generally be trusted to do what he believes is the most ethical and profit making, but is prepared to take the lesser of two evils if he has to choose between them. He prefers to keep his private life private, but those 'in the know' say he has sometimes engaged in 'unconventional' training. Wild parties are rumoured to take place on his ranch, with pretty wild stories circulating about what happens behind closed doors.

Quote: "In college I was voted 'Most likely to become a cowboy'. I managed to achieve that, in a manner of speaking. People who dismiss my profession as a waste of material, saying that I should be putting my size and power to other goals? They need to understand that as well as clearing up horseshit I tame wild animals. I also train them for films, TV shows, police departments and for national level riding displays and competitions. I also look after other animals and even trained a lion one time for a movie project. Turns out I have a knack for getting the best out of many diverse subjects... letting them know who's master is essential. Some say my techniques can even be applied to people."

Interests: Horses and Ranching. Training animals in general.
Hobbies: Personal trainer on the side. Staying in shape with physically strenuous activities and work out regimes.
Likes: Socializing. Riding. Women, especially those who like to surrender power and control... even for a short while.
Dislikes: People who dislike animals.
Pet peeves: Rude people. Idiots.

Background: Jack started out with a love of sports and physical activities. This course led him into the army, where he spent three years finding out that he didn't like what being a soldier turned you into, outside of sculpting your body in a powerhouse of muscle.

Leaving the service he went into business with a friend and discovered he had a talent for handling animals. Dogs and cats at first, then horses at a friends ranch. Training and looking after them was second nature to him and he began to split his time between a gym he was working at as a personal trainer and the ranching business.

Eventually he decided to devote his time to horses, but took up a side project as a personal trainer, of both peoples pets and of people looking to get the best from themselves. This is nothing compared to what he makes from the ranching business, being more a hobby he likes to engage in sometimes. The business basically deals in horse trading, training animals for police units, shows, movies and other interests. He recently scored some work on training a dog for an upcoming remake 'The Littlest Hobo: End of the Road!' and is currently training animals for the movie 'Black Beauty versus Lassie: Bark! The Apocalypse is Neigh' on SyFy.

The 'Brown Stallion ranch' in L.A employs over two dozen employees, working in various roles. It's located just outside the city, but has connections to the main university and often sees him there liaising with teachers, with field trips to pet animals, ride horses, and see police dogs in action. Tourists are also directed there from the film studios and there is heavy advertising to bring in customers and clients. He also conducts his hobby level personal training sessions with clients in town, on occasion.

His personal horse is a Brown Stallion called Clyde.