Genevieve Grey
Character Name: Genevieve Grey
Occupation: Journalist/Writer

General Physical Description:
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Weight: 119 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Personality: Genevieve is extremely kind and endearing, which is what makes her such a great journalist. She has a knack for building rapport with anyone and making you confess your deepest, darkest secrets. Genevieve is soft-spoken and thoughtful, used to letting her clients do all the talking, and often doesn't kiss-and-tell or overshare (or share at all for that matter) about her life. Because of this, there can be a cool, sultry aloofness to Genevieve that often makes people feel they do not know the real, true her.

Sexual orientation: Straight
Sexual Style: Submissive. Genevieve likes her hair pulled and rough, passionate encounters.

Background: Genevieve grew up in a small country town and always had her head in a book, or was scribbling down some made-up story. As an only child, her parents worked hard to support her dream of becoming a writer and eventually, she moved to 'the big city' to attend college and start her career. Her small town, girl-next-door vibe make her a natural in interviews and she quickly worked her way up the ranks. In recent years, Genevieve has been reporting and profiling high profile clients. She has broken up with her long-term boyfriend, an art dealer in the city and has thrown herself into her writing.