Henry Cash
Character Name: Henry Cash
Occupation: CEO of a Casino and Night club franchise.

General Physical Description: Tall, dark and handsome is a term easily used here. Henry's chiselled good looks go hand in hand with a strong and physically impressive body, which has been seemingly sculpted to perfection. Six foot four and weighing in at 200lbs he is obviously a man who takes care of himself. He strikes an impressive figure in a business suit and has an irresistible physique.

Age: 40
Sex: Male
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 200lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue

Personality: Henry is smooth and polite in public, but coarse and dirty mouthed and minded in private. When it comes to business he is always ready to make a deal and he puts profit and the ability to corrupt others ahead of other concerns (such as legality or morals/ethics). He has no qualms about dealing with people from all walks of life, convinced that everyone can be corrupted and bent to his wishes, business or otherwise.

Sexual orientation: Straight
Sexual Style: Dominant.

Background: Henry is very busy with the legitimate sides of his Casino, Night club and Gentleman's club business. He also dabbles in smuggling, prostitution, illegal drugs and anything else that can improve his profits, of course that side of his business is kept well away from the public eye and is detached enough that he can claim he knows nothing about it.

He works hard to maintain an image as a well respected entrepreneur, one who simply wants to establish safe and entertaining clubs. He creates places where people can enjoy the atmosphere and participate in dancing, watching shows and engaging in private indulgences far from prying eyes.