Eric Hunter

Affiliations: Solo d8 Buddy d6 Team d10
Veteran X-Man
Fear the Reaper
Man on a Mission

Power Sets

Psycho-active Fear Manipulation
Fear Blast d10 Fear Control d8 Emotion Sense d8
Psychic Resistance d8
Sfx: Psychoactive Virus. Add a die equal to your opponentís
current emotional stress to any attacks made against them at
no additional cost. If successful, spend 1pp to step up their
emotional stress in addition to any effect you create against them.
Sfx: I Am What You Fear. When using Mimic to create fear-related assets,
borrow another heroís emotional stress for your roll, then step up that
stress die and return it.
Sfx: Focus. If your pool includes a Psycho-active Fear manipulation power, you may replace two dice of equal size with one stepped-up die.
Limit: Mutant. When affected by mutant-specific complications or tech, earn 1 pp.
Limit: Uncontrolled. Change any Psycho-active Fear Absorption power into a complication to gain 1 pp. Activate an opportunity or remove the complication to recover that power.
Limit: I Canít Control This! When a hero near you takes emotional
stress, roll against the doom pool. On a successful roll, step up
that heroís emotional stress. On an unsuccessful roll, add your effect
die to the doom pool.

Combat Expert d8 Menace Master d10 Vehicle Master d10
Psych Expert d8 Covert Expert d8 Medical Expert d8


To Me, My X-Men
1 XP when you first lead a team including more mutants than non-mutants.
3 XP when you defeat a foe without any team member becoming stressed out.
10 XP when you either lead your team to victory over mutant issues or disband them in the face of persecution.

Feed the Reaper
1 XP when you first use your Psycho Active Virus SFX in a Scene.
3 XP when your I Can't Control This Limit first adds a d10 or larger to the doom pool in a Scene.
10 XP when you either choose to feed someone to the Reaper, despite the pleas of your friends, or stress yourself out to resist doing so.

Dry Wit
1 XP when you respond to a situation with sarcasm and wry humor.
3 XP when you treat a situation with dead seriousness.
10 XP when you decide that your humor has no place in this grim world, or vow to inflict your brother and sister mutants with more of your British humor because they need it, dammit.

1 XP
when you take a moment to
take your chosen love aside
and attempt to discuss your
3 XP
when your unstable relationship
puts your chosen love or your
team in a compromising situation
such as an ambush or
gives a villain the upper hand.
10 XP
when you either finally make a
true and total commitment to
your chosen love and receive
that commitment back or the
two of you finally and forever
end the relationship.