Spitfire - Blue Psionic Energy Lines Missings

Solo-6 Buddy-10 Team-8

Wears His Heart On His Sleeve
Full Throttle Fool!
Through The Fire And The Flames

Psionic Fire Manipulation
Fireball-8   Fire Control-10 Fire Resistance-12

SFX: Flames Unleashed - Step up or double a Psionic Fire Manipulation die for that Scene, or spend 1 PP to do both. Take your second-highest rolling die of each subsequent action or reaction as emotional or physical stress.

Burn It Down - Use your current emotional stress die as your effect die, then step up your emotional stress by +1.

Immunity: Heat/Fire - Spend 1 PP to ignore stress or trauma from fire or heat

SFX: Fiery Body. On a successful reaction against a physical attack action, inflict physical stress with your effect die at no PP cost or step up +1 for 1 PP.

SFX: Fire Constructs. When using Psionic Fire Manipulation to create assets, add d6 and step up effect die by +1.

Limit: Mutant - Earn 1 PP when affected by mutant-specific Milestones and tech.
       Emotional Tempest - Change any Psionic Fire Manipulation power into a complication and recover emotional stress equal to that power’s die size. Activate an opportunity or remove the complication to recover the power.

Specialties: Acrobatics-8 Covert-6 Psych-8 Vehicle-6 Combat-6