Remy Lebeau
Solo d10 Buddy d8 Team d6
Cajun Charm
Prince of Thieves
Ace up his sleeve


Molecular Acceleration
Enhanced Reflexes d8 Mind Control d6
Psychic Resistance d8 Kinetic Charge d10
Sfx: 52 Pick Up: aoe
Sfx: 5 Card Draw: Burst
Limit: Mutant

Thieves Tools
Weapon d8 Durability D8 Swingline d6 Wallcrawling D6
Sfx: Focus
Sfx: Devilishly resourceful: spend 1pp to step up a stunt or resource from Crime of Covert specialties.
Limit: Gear

Crime Master d10 Covert Expert d8 Combat Expert d8 Acrobatics Expert d8
Psych Expert d8 Menace Expert d8


Questionable Ethics
1 XP when you lie to someone who trusts you.
3 XP when you continue to hold on to a lie even though it will cause heroes to get into conflicts.
10 XP when you abandon a hero to his enemies

1 XP when you talk to someone who works closely with the item you are planning to
3 XP when you incorporate an ally or enemy into your heist.
10 XP when you either give up the heist in order to bring about some justice or find a way to do the right thing and get away with the crime.

1 XP when you steal from another character and are caught by another
hero, either during the act or after an investigation.
3 XP when your continued thievery brings violent retaliation upon you
and/or any team or buddy currently affiliated with you.
10 XP when you either leave the team that no longer trusts you or you
make recompense for your deeds and regain the teamís trust.

1 XP when you flirt with a female character.
3 XP when you take time to seriously court your chosen character.
10 XP when you either make a commitment to your chosen character,
or you cheat on that character and get caught, ending the

Occasional Villain
1 XP when you openly discuss your villainous past.
3 XP when you create an asset for a villain to use, or for a hero to use in a way that is morally objectionable.
10 XP when you either seek penitence for your past villainy, or denounce mutant heroes as hypocrites and start your own team.