Ryan Arredondo
-- Description --
Ryan Arredondo is a 26 year old man with medium complexion and bright blue eyes. He has medium-length, wavy brown hair and beard that he keeps neatly trimmed. He stands 5'8" tall and has an average, if perhaps a bit lean, frame. He has a tattoo of an ornamental sun on his right shoulder and wears a simple ring from a chain around his neck.

-- Background --
Ryan Arredondo was born and raised in Hoboken, New Jersey. His family was a part of the lower middle class, and while his parents were able to provide for their children, they were not ones who could afford a nice home or family vacations. His older brother, Jonathan, was a straight A student, athlete, community service volunteer, the perfect son. While he was always fairly close with Jonathan, Ryan hated the idea of following in his brother's footsteps and so he learned to do things his own way, so as not to become the carbon copy everyone expected him to be. In school, he coasted by with B and C grades, even though he proved to be even more intelligent than his brother, who always had to study harder. Outside of school, Ryan was a bit of a delinquent in his youth, breaking into buildings, shoplifting, picking people's pockets while roaming the city. He also developed a fascination for computers, and learned to channel his mischievous behavior into such a medium, hacking into people's emails and playing pranks or breaking into personal computers and posting personal information and pictures online.

As Ryan grew older and matured, he began to realize that the skills he had developed in his youth were a valuable trade and pursued a career in IT. Toning down his delinquent behavior, he began to apply himself more in school and graduated among the top in his class. After graduation, Jonathan approached Ryan discretely regarding a job he was working and needed Ryan's help with. As an Military Police in the army, he was pursuing a hacker who had taken to cyber-terrorism, embezzling money from corporate accounts and calling in threats of "accidents" in chemical plants and warehouses. Knowing Ryan's history and abilities, Jonathan recommended bringing him in as an independent contractor, someone who could follow the suspect's tracks. After only a few weeks, Ryan was able to help track the man down and the police promptly arrested him. A higher-up in one of the targeted companies, Ed Nolan, caught wind of Ryan's involvement, and recognizing the young man's potential to his cause, offered to bring him in on the CoA project.

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_Solution: Brainwave | Badge
Ryan's contribution to the 'Pentagonal Asteroid' issue was highly effective.
Nolan was impressed with his work.
AJ was not pleased - as the solution ended up damaging critical equipment.
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_Faction: Nolan     +1
_Faction: SysOps    -1
_System:  Lucideck  +1
_Confidence         +1
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_Fluke 0.5